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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (seo) has become an art form. Our team of digital media experts understand how Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines work. They consist of teams of key word experts, content writers and analytics experts that continuously monitor who is coming to the site, from where and how long then spend looking at each page.

Social Media Marketing

More and more social media marketing has become an integrated part of any successful business marketing plan. With print media, radio and television advertising expected to decline over the next few years, social media advertising expected to rise 50%. This is a potent force with mobile the area with the highest growth projection.

Reputation Management

Every business may have some unhappy customers as well as employees. Even the very best companies are not immune to becoming a target on the internet. Sites like yelp and others can cause businesses to have unfavorable reviews. These require effective management. Building a good online reputation is an important part of this process.

Content Creation

Creating new relevant content may be the most important strategy for search engine ranking. This content must always be fresh, original, relevant and visible. Our team of writers is constantly bringing new content to our brands.

Website Protection

Internet security experts predict that 1 in 4 companies expect some form of hacking on their website in 2016. Our security team is constantly upgrading the quality of our security for our sites. That being said, daily backups and other steps are taken to insure the least amount of business interruption in the event of an attack.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics is the single most important tool in evaluating the success of a website. There are many components to analytics and our professional analytics team can determine what are the strengths and weaknesses of a site. Keyword analysis, site visits, time on the site and on each page, ad campaign results and conversion rates, back links and clicks are all part of this process. The most effective use of SEO is directly tied to these analytics. (like us on Facebook or join our mailing list for a free $250 site analysis).

Branding and Brand Recognition

Building successful brands is a complex process beginning with a study and research to identify the market for the products. Branding identifies who you are at a glance, a unique presentation of the look and feel of your products. Over time, brand recognition kicks in through the use of many different forms of media including print and digital media. Our ability to develop brands and brand recognition is the key to the success of our over 100 brands.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any growing business. Developing good cost effective lead strategies is not an option but a must and the cost per lead vs the value of a customer must always be determined. Getting great leads is always a win, but we take the process 1 step further. Knowing what to do with hot leads in just as important and getting the lead itself. We work with our brands to create the maximum conversion rates.

Consumer Services

Our consumer services brands are carefully researched to optimize the target audience and how to make contact and make sales. Understanding the consumer is the primary goal of our marketing campaigns.

B To C Marketing

Business to consumer marketing may take many different types of media. The can include brochures, newsletters, websites, direct mail, print and banner ads, flyers or posters, convention booths, video presentations, power point presentation, and hosted industry events. Arm makes all these happen.

Website Design

Our creative team has the magic to pull the rabbit out of the hat. Original themes, distinctive looks, the right use of color and images vs content creates the most beautiful websites on the internet. Designs have to intertwine with the brand and reflect the look and feel that becomes the recognizable calling card. Our sites are always fully responsive and optimized for mobile.

Web & App Development

Having a great web design is a must for a successful website. Turning that beautiful design into a working site with where our highly skilled development teams go to work. Budgets matter but we have the ability and resources to create outstanding websites for all budgets.

Website Optimization

Every website requires optimization. This is a finely tuned process that is ever changing as the search engines adjust how the view websites. Even the best looking and functioning websites can go unnoticed without proper website optimization. Keep in mind, this is an ongoing process.

Video & Animation

Video and Animation is the fastest growing trend on the internet. It is estimated that by 2020, 80% of the internet will be video. Our team of video and animation experts can create highly cost effective, commercials, testimonials, on web presentations for professionals including doctors and lawyers, video website greetings, 3D animations, and whiteboard presentation in full HD, voice overs and custom content.

Mobile Apps and Advertising

As smart phones and tablets way outpace the sales of desktop and laptop computers, it is not surprising that in 2015, the amount of time spent on mobile surpassed that of desktop. Based on current data, mobile app and mobile advertising will be the fastest growing segment in the marketplace with mobile advertising predicted to grow at 40% per year. It is estimated that mobile will account for over 70% of digital advertising expenditures. Developing mobile channels for brands is what we do.