Digital Media and Security

Digital Media and Security – Our Brands is devoted to the discovery and development of the Apps of the future. These are next generation Apps designed for the mobile world. Developers can share ideas, development issues and design issues on our forum.

Desktop app for organizing work, catching up on news, connecting with business people and a portion of revenues goes to charity. Manage employment, Health and Fitness, Business opportunities, news feeds and more.

Low cost high quality sites for medical doctors and dentist. Rapid turn-around times can get websites up and running in just a few days. Prices include hosting and basic SEO services.

Do you think you have an idea for a new product or invention? This is the place to find out what people think of it and find help to get it produced.

This motivational site provides a multitude of services to all business from start-ups to well established businesses. Article by prominent successful business entrepreneurs are featured.

Personal safety and security online is a rapidly growing problem. People need the best protection possible. Identity theft is taken to the next level with offers Identity theft protection plus protection for all of your devices including computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones and certain websites. offers the latest technologies and services for Search Engine Optimization for small, medium, and large companies. Our work is 100% guaranteed to get you presence on page 1 of Google Local within 3 months or we will work for free. With a 1 year contract, the first month is free. specifically targets our brands with the greatest vertical integrations. These are Medical and Legal sites. Our work is 100% guaranteed to get you presense on page 1 of Google local within 3 months or we will work for free. With a 1 year contract, the first month is free.

This is a think tank site with a forum design. People can share their ideas, thoughts, ideas for new ventures, politics and any other subjects. Access to funding sources and people to help formulate business plans are available on this site.