Legal – Our Brands

Legal – Our Brands

ARM’s brands have tremendous depth and vertical integration with over 3500 sites nationally. This powerhouse of marketing machine provides outstanding advertising opportunities and lead generating strategies for attorneys.

TOPATTORNEYSOFAMERICA.COM AND RELATED SITES presently has over 3,000 city targeted sites ranking high in Google. We expect to increase this city list to 20,000 cities in 2016. These sites are specifically designed to generate leads and provide low cost advertising solutions for small to mid-sized personal injury law firms.

  • slip and fall injuries
  • truck and car accidents
  • defective products
  • medical malpractice including failure to diagnose cancer, birth injuries, medical or hospital errors
  • Wrongful Death
  • Construction and work related injuries
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Dog Bites
  • Explosion Accidents
  • Public transportation accidents
  • Boating Accidents
  • Swimming Pool Accidents
  • Assault, Battery and other intentional torts

Many of the above areas leave people with serious and permanent injuries including brain and spinal cord injuries, back injuries and death.

What is

Imagine a website that is built from the very best elements of, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Craigslist and RealSelf. Roll all of these internet icons into one mega site geared for the legal industry and you have Imagine a website with over 1,000,000 pages of content, networking capabilities, in mail and messaging, “ask a question” features, and a heart that gives back to charities with every sale, and you have Imagine a site that features news articles on the highest profile attorneys in the country with new lawyers featured every month and you have Imagine a website with over 500 specialties featured and advertising vehicles available to small businesses for as little as $20.00 per month and you have Imagine a website where you can find a job in any segment of the legal industry or offer a job for only $20.00 per month and you have Imagine a legal directory that only features lawyers that have the highest levels of ethical conduct, peer and client reviews, pro bono and charitable work, exceptional training standards and you have


Attorney Forum Sites

These sites are designed for Attorneys to communicate with peers, share ideas, case strategies and client experiences.